Squad Battles AI Ridiculous

Just played an all Bronze Starting 11 with squad rating 69,19 chemistry looked it up and the left back had 55 pace yet out run a fully fit sterling. There centre backs repeatedly out muscled Harry Kane and as for the Keeper well im gonna sell Oblak and buy him. Thought FIFA 20 was all about realism and stats mattering but clearly not in squad battles


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    CheddaChedda Posts: 35
    Yeah that is so annoying. I’m guessing you selected World Class or above. I don’t like how in SB, especially with legendary, it makes my players perform like idiots with sloppy passes and wild shots.
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    Stew99Stew99 Posts: 12
    Yeah was World class , modric couldnt make a 2 yard pass and koulibaly and chillini just kept running away from ball , it seems to be happening more since the last update
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    There are 2 things happening in squad battles. Which also happens in other modes but much less and more varied.
    One thing is happening is that the AI is not programmed good enough. So the only way to make the skill level better for AI bots is to make them cheat. But sometimes that does not work because as humans and being good at the game you can beat cheating AI.
    But then they worsen YOUR team as well. This is how they add difficulty.

    There are other games where its online dominated but has an offline mode. There you can have more intelligent AI than in FIFA but they also cheat in many cases. In Counter Strike the BOTS have aimbots etc which is understandable but at times its unrealistic of course. But in that game you know that and its not transfered to other online modes where its more competetive.

    So thats the 2nd reason is that the AI is just not good enough programmed and needs cheating to win in the end. Play ultimate for ultra scripting fun :)

    You will also see more of this "balancing" if you are winning more. So after a winning streak suddenly it will be super hard and unrealistic things that you are mentioning are happening.
    Its blatent to see how it makes fools think they just need all the top icons then they will dominate.
    Which of course is not truth.

    You can beat the system of course if you are really good at the game and such.
    But not everyone is and those who arent good will get more punishment that they dont deserve for the time and effort they put into the game.

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    Stew99Stew99 Posts: 12
    Ihatetay, can totally see that. It is not that i find them unbeatable or caused me to buy better players its just annoying that a game that was promoted as been Ultra realistic lacks in that very thing when you are playing well, dont mind it been harder through better AI players but dont make it so my players cant pass or tackle.
    Its clear EA dont want to invest in proper AI but if the online is to be the main aspect they need to invest in Anti Mod software like the software used on Poker sites because online is riddled with cheats using mods
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