Ramos or Piqué scream?

I have coins and i don’t care if Piqué is untradeable but who is better?


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    pique is honestly the closest thing to vvd i’ve ever used
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Both are equal, i got both as i packed Ramos in a free untradeable pack and been using him in some teams. Pique was out so i thought fuck it lets go for a La liga team as i never really built a proper la liga team as i am not a fan of that league. Only for objectives and the odd players i use but never a full team that i would play with. So i got Gameiro and had Carvalho from my Liga nos hyrid.

    Never the less i can say that both are worth it. Ramos as he has been for the last few fifas is one of the top CB's. Apart from icons and future specials the normal gold cards VVD and Ramos are in the top end and now Pique is there as well.

    Pique is there as well now with the upgrade. There is one difference with Ramos and Pique it is that Ramos is more aggressive and that he is more agile and has more acceleration.
    But both are solid and if you pair the 2 you got a winning CB partnership.

    Ramos i used engine before but after i got Pique i put shadow on him. With the aggression Ramos becomes the one to always be hassling attackers and will be sticking to defenders more. So the extra pace boost made him better at that. With Pique i went with engine to make him better balance and agility. This made him the perfect wall. You could give him shadow but i felt that with the agility + balance he never lost a ball anymore. He is always at the right place to make the tackle and nobody will be able to go through him. And with less aggression than Ramos he becomes the interceptor and for that you dont need massive pace boost.

    So i would say both are equal as they have 2 different styles. And together they are really great. Together they become like Hierro the actual best defender spain has ever seen. Ramos and Pique cant match the greatness of Hierro.

    If you can get them both i would say. If not then i would say get Pique for now because you can pair him up with Ramos later on. 100k is nothing for a top defender...especially considering the amount of untradeables etc you should have saved until now. So you should make it cheaper than 100k. For me it was about 50k max in cost. The value is great.

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