Stop dropping down divisions

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Create serie a teams under the objective names and let each other score and do these objectives quicker


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Cant play with low rated players and silvers? HAHAHAH U SUCK NUB

    im joking of course. It is horrible to see this is going on. I mostly play WL and only do div rivals for objectives and dont care for the shitty rewards as i feel getting gold 1 and elite rewards plus rank 3 coins from div rivals you automatically get after WL is great.

    Also unfortunatley there are players like me who might be in lower divisions than they should be because you dont get promoted by WL only.

    Again i dont understand why objectives cant be done in all modes. Add squad battles with the minimum legendary so its not too easy for people to grind.

    If any objective comes up that i might want to do and i see serie a team filled with the non meta players i will let them score of course.

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    Markie05Markie05 Posts: 180
    Just makes sense IMO if you want to complete the objectives but obviously I know some of the fut community take rivals a little too seriously. I can play with lower ranked players and complete the objectives in my own division .... eventually. I don’t find the need to drop 3 or 4 divisions and ruin it for the people who have done well to get where they are cos seriously who wants to play div 2 and 3 players in div 4/5
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