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I dont know how to use defending tacticts


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    InsidiousInsidious Posts: 349
    > @Telametoentera said:
    > I dont know how to use defending tacticts

    The most common mistake people do is to select one of their defensive line hold r2 forward and try to steal the ball. If you do that, then you're just a pass away from conceding a goal since you leave gaps. Instead use jockey movements with your cdms to close gaps and let AI do the job. I know it is frustrating to rely on AI but unfortunately it's the safest way.

    Furthermore, if your opponent is attacking from the wings don't drag your defensive duo there for 2 reasons. First it's more likely to cut back inside and then you'll have a huge gap. Second, your opponent might cross and you don't want your tall cbs to be outside of the box.

    Another important thing in the last minutes is not to be passive and let your opponents constantly attack you. I've tried 1 depth but it didn't work for me as you give more space to your opponents to attack and the game as you probably now supports goals in the last minutes. Drop back and 3 depth is fine
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    +1 on what insidious said that is the correct way of defending. Not just in the game but also in real life. Keeping your cb's central and covering infront of them with cdm/cm's is very important. The danger is always central. They cant score from the wing and why do you care if they are passing around in their defence? You dont have to win the ball back so quickly. Dont be too eager. Patience.

    Also l1 use your FB's/wingers to close down the crossing players at the wing and control cb/cdm into the box protecting the box.

    Depending on formation you can have different amount of depths. I play 6 or 7 depth with my 5-3-2/5-2-1-2. Need agile defenders as well. Cannavaro, Blanc, Luiz are mental in this scenario.

    Also with my higher depth i stop counters and that is what i want to do the most. Close the gap between the cb's and cm's. Making sure my players dont get tired running back and forth like crazy because most people try to attack quickly and high depth will slow them down. Force them to re-route their attack and in that time my midfielders and attackers can fall back to help the defence.

    I dont recommend high depth unless you are good and confident at defending and have the right CB's to do that job. Also if you can read football tactically really good then you can use this to your advantage.

    Why high depth can mostly work is because people are 1 dimensional and dont really understand/know football and tactical play and anticipation etc.

    But i always have 1 pre-tactics done for safer play with possession and slightly lower depth.

    Try to use your pre-tactics and build different instructions for different gameplay scenarios.

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    hold rb and a whilst sprinting towards opposing side
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