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Is the worst version of fifa I’ve ever played ! Shocking


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    Markie05Markie05 Posts: 180
    That’s where I’m going wrong I’m not paying to win !
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    I disagree. It is the best version yet. You just are not doing it correctly.
    First of all buy fifa points...lots of them. Then just open packs until you have millions of coins.

    Buy all the best meta players. Play 1 depth with balanced(so they fall back). Just wait until your Dijk wins the ball back for you then play through ball to Pele/Mpabbe and score. Dont worry if the other team is better etc. Your defenders will mark perfectly on everyone of their attackers and block any shots. Or their attackers will just hit the post or your keeper make crazy saves.
    Most ez wins ever and you feel like a gaming god.

    Why wouldnt you do this? You really want your normal gold players to actually play as good as you can play the game? pfffft skills come with the most expensive players not by your inputs on the controller and reading of the game.
    Do you really want to play a game like CSGO where buying expensive cosmetic skins does NOT have an effect on your skills? If you have the best skin for a gun you wont get extra kills. The spray of the gun shots are the same and your input matters more. Very weird that. I want to buy skills.

    hehehehehe.... :(

    You should try playing with silvers in attack. So hard to score even with 100% clear chances it is so crazy. Passing as well is so auto rubbish. Manual is even worse with lower rated players. Before you got rewarded for playing more manual passing etc.

    The difference is too much now. I cant play with my silvers anymore or low rated players. In attack that is. Defending is more manual so i can still play my favourite players in defence at least. Because i have more control.

    Only manual crossing is working quite good and i am enjyoing full control on my crossing. Cant control the players runs though which is awful.

    But in attack even though i can mange it is not worth it anymore. If my Ibra has trouble scoring at times on clear chances you think a low rated striker will do better...

    I actually enjoy playing with low rated teams in defence. So its quite fun. But attacking is rubbish unless you get the best meta players. And in draft i tried the top meta attacking cards and holy shit i was scoring much more even though same chances etc.

    YOU HAVE TO PAY 2 WIN more than ever. BUT stopping the meta teams with silver defenders is SO FUN!

    So just dont try to win and its fun hahahahaha :cry:

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