Ronaldo unpacked 81+

My 8 year old and I unpacked CR7 in 81+ pack on our very first try!! I actually said come on Ronaldo!!! Next thing we know we were screaming freaking out!!! My Son didn’t record it but I thought it always records higher cards?? Unbelievable though and great experience for us. Still mad about not having replay. I’m posting pic to prove it.


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    We Live in Chicago Illinois U.S.A.
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    Ahunt23Ahunt23 Posts: 1
    That is sick bro I packed winter refresh eriksen out of a gold pack
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    RehaankingRehaanking Posts: 191
    Lucky bro- I got De bruyne from an 81+ as well... they seem pretty good.
    And I packed Van Nistleroy moments from a 100k pack yesterday!!!
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