Need help building my Team


Platform: XBOX ONE
Budget: 2.6 million Coins
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Starting formation does not matter / playing 4 2 3 1 or 4 2 2 2 ingame
Players that must be in: Neymar as a CAM ingame, (Mahrez OTW, Tevez Flashback) - Those two dont have to be in, but one of them would be nice
Untradeable players (optional): Neymar, Mahrez OTW, Tevez Flashback

Description: Searching for a good team for about 2.6 million coins. I normally had Neymar - Kurzawa Swap // Mahrez OTW - Walker in a 4 5 1 as a starting formation (, so they all have full chemistry already. But this is just an example. Neymar is the only must have in the team... Some "faster" CBs would be nice. Played this WL with Van Dijk and Davinson Sanchez und they were too slow in my opinion. And the two CDMs shouldnt be total discard CDMs: One of the most important Positions imo.
I would be very pleased with any help... Thanks in advance :smile:

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