HALP! Help me finish my Dream Squad


So I've spent some money this year on FIFA. I've always wanted top tier players but year after year never put in the $ or had the pack luck.

This year I put in the $$ and I packed untradeable Messi. So... I need your help planning out the most dominant squad FIFA has ever seen.

My initial plan is to swap from a 4-5-1 to a 4-2-3-1 to get Messi, Neymar, and Maradona at a CAM (or ST) role all with 10 chem.

I've got 1.7 million left with: Messi, Maradona (95), Scream Pique, and Eder Militao already owned. I've got 22 Icon Swap tokens, currently.

Concept Squads:
This one needs a ST - https://www.futbin.com/20/squad/10865479 (going with Pep+Carlos in Icon Swaps)
I'd swap from this squad to convert to full Chem: https://www.futbin.com/20/squad/10865577


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    YinsYins Posts: 1
    edited November 2019

    Honestly thinking now it makes more sense to just go Roberto Carlos+Crespo. Hang around with Crespo at Striker and free some coins up to mess around with whatever CDM I want (Allan, Kante, etc.). Being pigeon-held to Pep makes no sense, especially since I have the Icon Swap Tokens.

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