Is there an icon for under 600k better than son?

I have son up top I do like him but he’s so weak and gets pushed off the call easily, if I sell and the coins I have I could probably get van basten or and st icon like that anyone have any thoughts?


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    I have the same doubt, I think Rivaldo's card is better but he has the 2 star wf
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Engine. Try that first. balance helps with strength and vice versa. Even with +10 strength it isnt really enough as he has balance in 70s as well. So best option is to get his balance into 80's with engine.

    Otherwise i can say that icons are of course amazing and make less mistakes etc etc. i got Henrik Larsson base and he is amazing as he always has been and will be.
    But even Nakata was superb for me banging in goals where even the top rated strikers were missing. I have tried a few icons so far, mostly midfield and they all been fantastic and 1 step above everyone else. Especially in how great they are at intercepting and winning duels.
    Not saying that top cards like Son arent fantastic but you can go icon or son both will be great. Just about getting the right striker to suit your team and playstyle of course.
    I can recommend Larsson with engine chem just because of his aggression and balance and dribble boost wtih +5 pace makes him lethal as he does not go down easily at all and wins a lot of balls for you back in attacking positions. Also with engine his dribbling feels good and his runs in behind are great.
    Van basten will be great as well of course just a different type of player. Used like Ibra style more. Ibra scream and Larsson are a lethal duo!

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    Thanks for the great reply. My style of play is more slow build up but then I like an intelligent fast striker to get in behind. Son is good but he just feels so weak and against the big strong defenders and for the 550k I spent on him I’m now thinking is there a better option out there. I have aguero as I’m mainly a pl side so I might have a look at larson and see what his stats are like.
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Forgot to mention Raul base as well. He can also be used as CAM if needed.
    If you got scream Aguero then i suggest Raul base use him as the false nine/balanced/target striker with Aguero going in behind.

    Or with Larsson he becomes the in behind runner whilst Aguero takes care of the passing/target play.

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    I have de bryne as cam so two st. What tactics would you use on the strikers?
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    stay central and balanced on the target and go wide and in behind runs on the quicker one.

    But its also a mix with some target players i play as target/marking(i dont know the word choice in english for the option.) But also i might play one with balanced width(or go wide) and false nine whilst the other in behind and stay central. This is better against fall back tactics and if you have top attacking CAM to make late deep runs.

    So basically it is always one to make runs in behind, often i want him to go wide and behind(its not that they go way out to the wing) it is just that they will make more wider runs where you will often have more space to play it in. But also you got the other on balanced or false nine who is central + CAM which you can pass/cross into.

    But sometimes false nine to go wide with stay central and go behind on the other one works as well with a different style of play. Usually this requires the false nine to have decent stamina. But if the player has under 80 stamina just go low pressing on him and stay forward with go wide and false nine with free role or go wide on the CAM with run into box and you got a lethal setup.

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