Need a striker

Any good striker for around 400k ??


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    > @intiniti said:
    > people are saying he's nerferd and not worth the price anymore
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    intinitiintiniti Posts: 161

    oh okay didnt know that

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    Dont listen to that guy. There is no player nerfs happening in FIFA.

    The only thing that has been changing is the shooting with the different patches. It has become worse but now they have adjusted it back again. Which will make players a bit more efficient again. And after testing it out it is a bit better and more of the clear chances go in. There are still some crazy saves going on but less shots on post and such weirdness.

    Son is great but you have to also look at what type of play you play etc. The only reason some people are not enjoying Son is because he does not fit their style of play. For some he is killing it. This fifa it has really divided players. Because some find a certain type of player useless because they are not good enough to use him fully. But on the other hand they will find another player who fits too good into their style and skill level and will become their superstar.

    Tbh any top striker is great. It is more a choice of what type of striker you need and one that suits your style and team.

    If i were you i would probably go for an icon ST. Especially at this stage it is very helpful to have the efficiency of an icon. Less mistakes and such.
    Raul base is fantastic. H.Larsson base as well. I think they are around 400k. There are a few others as well of course.

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    IF Mertens has been insane for me
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