How good am I at fifa?

Just wondering my level on fifa ultimate team? Last two weeks I’ve qualified for gold 3 on weekend league. Is that a good standard or average?


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    intinitiintiniti Posts: 161

    pretty standard i think

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    Okay cool it’s so hard to get any higher any tips on how to win more to get better rewards?
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    Practice. If you have a friend who has great football intelligence then you can also play vs him to learn more as well.

    One thing you do in practice is choose a 3 star team. AIK from Swedish league has a great blend for the specific practices needed.
    They will have silvers who are around 70ish rated. Some will be as good as 80rated golds some not.
    My point is that because they wont be as effective as the top players you will learn more of what works and what doesnt.

    Playing with worse rated players will make you better. Because then you are not limiting yourself and finding new ways for things to work out for you in game.

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    You have to find a formation that suits you and also players they suit you, for example you if you could buy aguero but you prefer rapid strikers, buy a striker who you prefer like rashford rather than buying someone who looks amazing in your team
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    Also, if you get frustrated during fut champs, take a break, go and get some food or a drink and then start again when you calm down
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