buy nakata 86 or nakata 85 and modric?

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nakata 86 or nakata 85 and modric? i already have casemiro


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    Get James scream. He is amazing!

    Have you tried Carvalho scream instead of Casemiro? Because i felt Carvalho to be much better ball winner in the midfield. Sort of like Vieira.

    But Nakata is fantastic and tbh will add more to the team than modric. I recently got modric and he is good but the icon presence of Nakata felt better.
    I had Nakata 85 before. Difference isnt much between his middle and base. But i would take base if you want to use him as more attacking midfielder. If you want to have a more balanced midfielder and help out a bit in defence then middle is ever so slightly better for that. Sentinel i had on mine and he was great as a balanced midfielder.

    There is also something about icons and their run making. Nakata used to make great runs forward and interceptions were fantastic high up the pitch he would often win the ball back and we could punish the opposition.

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    thank you
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