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Hi guys,

Iam considering to buy a good st cf i have now lucas moura and vardy potm but vardy potm was in the begin good but he is now not really good anymore.

I have about 400k, i was thinking about larsson 86 do you have any ideas??

Iam a division 5 player



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    Markie05Markie05 Posts: 180
    I’ve not used Larsson but from what I have read from quite a few people he is very very good for the price.
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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    Thx for your comment m8
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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    Is there anybody else who thinks that larsson is not the bestest option to buy for that amount of coins??
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    For a poacher(going in behind) type striker Larsson is fantastic value. I gave him engine cause personally i like good passing play and fast and i have my fast strikers to go wide so they will often be in a position to cross etc. Anyways he gets lots of assists as well as goals. Marksmen is also great on him or hawk mainly because of the aggression and strength boost to make him more of a hassle to the defenders off the ball.
    Also i have engine on him because it gives +10 balance. He has decent strength and aggression. Combined with great dribbling stats you get with engine it becomes VERY difficult for defenders to take the ball off him. Especially since he is an icon and we know they win most 50/50 duels anyways.
    He is also very reactive with that + agility and reactions and acc. So playing crosses to him can be lethal if you learn to time it correct because he reacts MUCH quicker than the defenders.
    Sniper works as well if you want to dribble more with him if thats your playstyle.

    If you looking for a more playmaker type ST then Raul base is fantastic for that central play to connect midfield to attack. Can be used as CAM as well.

    Those 2 i would say are the best value atm out of the cheaper striker icons.

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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    Thanks m8 for your reaction i think will go with larsson, very usefull information thx!!
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    I would go with Heung Min Son
    He is about 420k
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    > @Checkout1122 said:
    > I would go with Heung Min Son
    > He is about 420k
    Yeah I would also go with Son. Absolute machine!
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