Which formation seems to be working best for everyone, its november and i still havent figured out which feels best.
Have been using the 442 as of late but it feels different now so need a change


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    tbh any tactic will do. You can make any tactic work. Just have secondary formation and tactics for when there becomes a stalemate and to make things different.

    Personally my formation does not actually exist in fifa so the closest i can get to my real life tactic is 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2. 3-5-2 variants can work as well but i like high defensive line so then 5-3-2 variants are the best for my style of play. You can be aggressive but with less risk. But of course you cant be too aggressive like 3-5-2 for an example. But i just do a 3-5-2 as an ultra att. option if regular tactics are not working.

    You will get about 5-7 matches in WL where your players wont make runs etc etc. Thats usually when a formation change can help.

    also trying out different formations wont make you lose etc.
    If you have decent understanding of football and tactics then you can just play around with formations and see which one suits your playstyle and team the best.

    I can basically play all formations with exact same instructions and get the same result. Different formations would just make me play different ways.

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