I will make you a team you want in an hour

Give me your price ranges and a league I will make you a team


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    Formation: 4222
    Untreads: Cr7 UCL, Ballack 86, Nesta 88, IF Walker, IF Werner, Oblak
    Players I want to use: Nesta, Ballack, Cr7, IF Walker, Oblak

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    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 500K
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: 4 defenders (prefered 433(4) or 4231 or 41212(2) )
    Untradeable players in your club : Roberto Carlos, Guardiola, Vardy POTM
    Players that must be in: Element you find interesting in the following squad : https://www.futbin.com/20/squad/11097256

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    > @tomcareyburke7 said:
    > Give me your price ranges and a league I will make you a team

    300-400k. I have salah, roberto carlos, guardiola. Use them plus the coins and i dont care what league its in
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    platform: Xbox
    budget: 600k
    chem: 100
    formation: 4 defenders
    untradeable players: guardiola and pique
    league: any
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    Creed101102Creed101102 Posts: 32
    edited November 2019

    platform: Xbox
    Budget: 250k
    100 Chem
    Formation: any high quality formation that is good in game
    Untradables: Joao Cancelo, Flashback Juan Mata, POTM Vardy, UEL Corona
    League: Anything (can be hybrid)

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    Hi guy

    Can someone build me a team for 300k
    Platform: ps4

    My untradeables ar
    Brozovic 84
    Matuidi 84
    Kolarov 84
    Fernandinho 87
    Douglas costa 84

    Hope u can help me a bit. Thanks.
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