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How do I consistently beat teams, especially higher rated teams in Squad Battle on Ultimate difficulty?

I managed to draw one, but eventually lost on pens, I also beat one with a slightly higher rating (2-0)

Note, I'm not very skillful and don't know how to do the carousel consistently as well


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Just play legendary? The only time playing ultimate is more rewarding is when you are winning 5-0 type games in ultimate. Otherwise even if you win 2-1 you wont get more than what you would get by winning lik 4-0 with legendary.

    On ultimate other team gets boosted to 99 rating. At the same time your team will be on a roller coaster. In a certain period of the game your team will play as it should as they will be as their stats are. BUT then you will get where your players drop and get worse at everything usually its like -10 rating sort of. Hence why some of the top icons arent affected too much in these situations as even with like -10 on all stats they are as good as a 85rated player or so.

    If you now want to keep playing ultimate then one thing you have to look out for is this high and lows of the rollercoaster of scripting.

    When your team is playing quite bad then you just hold the ball and be super careful. Then as soon as you get a period where your team feels great as it should then you should take the advantage and score as many as you can. There are always moments when the opposition AI will become bad for a moment. Keep doing skill moves and some times they will stand completely still for an example.

    Basically on ultimate you have to learn to read the AI. As soon as they start playing a bit worse and your team playing good then you take the advantage. And when they are getting overpowered you make sure you dont give them the ball and be careful and defend proper. Dont let them cross, tackle take a yellow.
    When they go on this OP passing etc just take a foul to disrupt because if they get shooting opportunity they will score 90+% chance.

    Also you need to find things where the AI cant use its "cheats" to win. For an example with a strong player you protect the ball forever. So you can get the ball slowly up to your ST just protecting and with L2+R2 you take small quick touch to protect the ball + open space for shooting. So L2 abuse is vital vs AI in offline.
    Spam skill moves as well because you can use skill moves very effectively because AI are predictable in their defending. So they always tackle at a certain point and press a certain way etc.

    Overall with squad battles i hate the stupid amount of scripting making your team go shit to good to ultra shit etc.
    Especially on passing when it makes those mistakes on purpose for you it is just too much.
    It is the same in div rivals but a bit less scripting and in WL even less but still happens in WL.
    Hence WL suits players who are more mechanically better at fifa.
    But div rivals will help the worse player.

    I have tried this by deliberately playing bad and good. So if you keep making bad passes and shots etc then in div rivals the game will help you make perfect passes and shots. In WL however more mistakes will occur if you make the same bad passes etc. It still happens that the game will auto adjust things but it is far less than div rivals and squad battles.
    So semi and manual settings work the best in WL and you can take more advantage with things like crossing which i score quite a lot of in WL.

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    I know you said play legendary, bit I am trying to increase my mentality with harder games

    Thanks for the tip
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    MagmusMagmus Posts: 1
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    Hey Ihatetay

    Thank you for the thorough walktrough to SB. I have been playing 90 % of every SB since the origin of SB, and tried to understand the IA ever since.

    I feel that EA recently made it a bit more difficult - hence turned the AI a bit up.

    I never play Ultimate due to the same reasons that you’ve stated, and sometimes even choose amateur instead of semi or worldclass instead of legendary as you end up with more points due to more goals, less Yellow cards etc.

    I play with the 3421 formation, with Mbappe, Neymar, Messi, Hazard, Gerrard 89, Frenkie De Jong, Bale, Ramos, Pique 90, Varane and Ter Stegen - and some pretty fine subs too- 189 OR. With this formation I off course get some goals against me, when I play SB on legendary, BUT I love to play with this formation. However - I feel that it doesn’t really matter which difficulty I choose - because it seems like the result is pretty much preset before the game even starts...

    Don’t you ever feel like the match is bound to end with a draw and penalty no matter what you do? Or like you sometimes are bound to loose because you got gready when you choose the difficulty in the first place? I mean how the F*** can Mbappe not manage to score, when he has all the space in the world, and the keeper is a bronze RW with his first time wearing a set of goalgloves? Or how some bronze CB’s with 48 in pace is able to outrun Neymar with hunter? THAT pisses me of...

    I feel like one of the four matches for every update is set to be very hard, one very easy and the last two matches in between - usually one of the halfs going your way or the other way round.

    If I am able to pinpoint which one is hard, I Play that particular match on an easy mode - and the others on a harder mode. It used to be one of the middle teams with 100 in chemistry - but there are no rules anymore. Now it can be all the teams, even the bronze where you hope to score big points. Ocassionally its even sometimes 3 out 4 teams that is preset to be very hard. Is this something you can aknowledge or do I get it completely wrong?

    Any thoughts to this?

    * Apologize for my english spelling :-)
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    @Magmus said:

    Any thoughts to this?

    * Apologize for my english spelling :-)

    Your spelling is fine.

    I play squad battles to do objectives mostly and sometimes i play 1 ultimate or legendary match vs one of the higher rated teams when i need to test out new players/formation etc.

    I havent found them to being more difficult tbh. It is the same up and down as per usual. On the other hand i dont play as many games on SB as you do so maybe if you play more games it does changes to difficulty.

    Before when i have done SB fully i noticed that at the end they started to become better and better.

    For me also the main problem is just when they mess around with MY players and make them worse than they are. I dont actually care that much about how good the AI is. But when my players keep messing up is when i get frustrated. They can make the AI godlike i dont care. Just let my players play as i want them to.

    One thing i did forget to say was changing formations in game.

    So if your team is not moving around and you see that there are less runs being made and everything is just "stalemate". The best thing is to change formation to what the other team is running. Also get 3 good subs on and rely on them.
    When you match their formation you often will get your team to play better and also stop them better.

    And whenever all your team feels like -10 on all stats the SUBS will still be fantastic. The difference you can see and feel is enormous. So dont forget to change subs if things arent going well. And rely on them heavily as they will be far better if the rest of the team is playing bad.

    So i cant really say for sure whats causing the changes in difficulty for you. Maybe you should try to play world class or legendary all the time to see if it brings more consistency. Maybe because you are changing difficulty around a lot the game is adjusting too much as well.
    I have also felt that going down in difficulty hasnt always helped as even on amateur they can suddenly start playing godlike. I remember from before that i felt playing just legendary always worked out better.
    If i need to do objective like 4-5 goals and such then i usually just go world class or if there is a bad team i just choose that and legendary.

    Tactical tip for when you are up against an outfield player in goal. These matches you can play on ultimate. Play wide tactic with everyone in the box. This will help spread their backline up and you have 1-2 midfielders who stay back/outside the box and have 2 who have good long shots and just fire the long shots to win. You need to find a formation where you get this effect really good. 5-3-2/5-2-1-2 with this extreme can work. But i think something like 4-2-2-2 might be better. Basically changing around formation and tactics can help so try doing that.

    Oh and the training consumables can be valueable as well. Like playing the tactic above and making your CDM's godlike with +10 shooting or something. Basically just trying to abuse something works good. Same with abusing physical. +20 on physical can be useful as well.

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