Help me fit Mbappe in my team

My current team is the team in the image, however yesterday I packed Mbappe in an untradeable Rare Players Pack, I wish it had been tradeable as I now have no idea how to fit Mbappe in my team and feel like he’s a bit wasted sitting on the bench.

I want to keep Villa in my team as he has been great for me (77 goals in 61 games including Champs).

Any advice would be great.

Note, I also like the 433 holding formation, I was using 433 attack before but found it too vulnerable at the back.



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    Photo wouldn’t post, my team is -

    Ter Stegen
    Scream Pique

    RTTF Partey (CDM)
    IF Canales
    De jong

    Scream Navas
    EOE Villa
    Champs Griezmann
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