Poor gameplay

JewBear858JewBear858 Posts: 5
edited December 2019 in General Gameplay
What’s up with the horrendous gameplay this WL? It’s usually bad but this is exceptionally horrible. I’ve experienced more bad touches, random possession loss, erratic passes and unavoidable own goals than ever before. What’s your experience?
  1. How has gameplay been for you?18 votes
    1. Worse than usual
    2. Same
    3. Better than usual
    4. EA badly needs to fix this, I may stop playing again


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    SoPeakySoPeaky Posts: 1
    Gameplay ruined by people dropping down divisions, should be worse consciences for deliberately dropping divisions
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    Markie05Markie05 Posts: 180
    This game is shit it’s the same hurrendous game play every week. Never pack fuck all either and come up against people on foot champs that ridiculously good. Think I’ll give it a miss for a while as to be quite honest I’m not enjoying it so not much point. Good luck to you all that carry on this bull shit game
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