Important Tips for ESL Tourney


Dear FIFA Player,

Today I've joined ESL FUT PS4 Major Cup #1 Asia and find user id: X_MaiMhon_X from Thailand as my first opponent.
Just after I scoring my first goal suddenly we're disconected from the game (my connection is fine).
Then, we chat using psn messenger and decide to do a rematch.
It taking several minutes to get him ready before its start.
In the 2nd match i lead by three and suddenly he disconnected not long after my 3rd goal.
He chat me that he already given up, but in the same time there is notification that the final result is a win for my opponent.
From esl admin via support ticket, I find that he silently submitted a fake result before,
and unfortunately, its too late for me to submit the real result with screenshot as a proof,
since I don't check my email/phone notification and only focus in front of my television and console.
As far as I know from reddit, this is not the first time that things like this happen, so my suggestion is:
Always get your phone standby near at you and re-check your registered (for esl account) email inbox at least on half time break.
It will help you a lot to counter the fake result that have been submitted by your opponent in time (faster and easier way to reply confirmation e-mail from esl admin regarding the result),
since the time window that they give is quite short and type a message using ds4 controller is not for everyone.
Hopefully this tips can be helpful for you guys, at least until ESL can figure a new and better online tournament admin/observer system in unforseeable future.

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