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I just can’t understand how to defend in this game and I really need some tips for this. I have decent defenders (telles if, militao, pique, Zanetti) and Modric and Alan as defensive mids and it is increíble how they are not able to defend. I watched tutorials, put the “right” instructions and everything and they just won’t be there to defend and I am getting desperate because usually I am losing because of my defense. Militao is incredibly bad and loses the ball all the time same with Allan and then everyone else are usually out of position. When a strikers makes a run they just let them go and trust me I really try to do everything and yes sometimes I make mistakes but today in the WL I lost 3 matches because of this. Any good tips to defend in this game? Plz help
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    You need to get better tactically and using the correct player to close passing lanes rather than just closing down like mad man. Controlling CM/CDM's is better than CB's.
    Go in for tackles when you are sure you can win the ball. Patience.

    Get high aggression and high interception defenders and reactions. Ball control, balance is a plus. Agility is a double plus. JuanJesus(engine), Ramos(shadow), Acuna(shadow/anchor/sentinel)

    But mainly you have to become better at reading the game and cuttin passing lanes and such. Get someone good at the game tactically and with good football knowledge to teach you more about defending which will help.

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