Danilo, Martin's or chamberlain?

Which story player would u take and y


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Martins is the only good one. Danilo is bad. Even some 81-83 rated RB's are much better.
    Chamberlain is alrite but nothing special and several players who are cheap that will get teh same job done and in some areas be better. Also it is a position and type of player that you get lots of specials in fut. You might use him for like 2 weeks before you would get someone else + obviously icons as icons swap 2 coming up. So he will be worthless.

    Martins however has top end speed. But also top end dribbling. He has alrite shooting and passing. But you can use him as super sub where he can come in and you can use his awesome running and dribbling to just walk past tired defenders. And helps with closing down players as well with that speed.
    He can also be a good player to start with and just abuse his pace and dribbling to create as much as you can. As he has 91 stamina.
    You can use him as RF as ST on 7 chem with sniper and he will have decent finishing and composure. Or at 10 chem and switch in game to use as ST and with sniper he should be good enough to get you some goals.

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