Is it me or has fifa got really hard?

I honestly don’t understand what’s going on at the moment? I can’t believe ive suddenly got shit but I can’t stop loosing I’m now in div 7 and I’m playing ridiculous teams and unreal players. I thought the lower div you went the easier it gets? I just dunno if I can even be bothered to play anymore it’s a joke now


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    Div rivals is very scripted. Its not a fluke that whilst in fut champs there is at least some consistency with your inputs but in rivals it is very random indeed. There is a clear difference on how your team plays in rivals from match to match.
    You do get the scripting in WL of course but its not as often or as much. In div rivals 1 match your team is awesome. Next its not.

    The main thing that people have difficulty adjusting to is the pressing and marking. So in one match your team will be pressing good and marking good. They will react quick and will be on it all the time. Next match they will leave 5meters between them and the opposition. The worst thing about that is if you even go full press they dont do it. I cant handle those situations because no one makes runs and no pressing going on at all. The only way to combat that is to run and dribble like mad but then you need a team full of Messi, Cruyff, Eusebio etc.

    tbh i would suggest play less rivals and also in rivals dont play it as a competitive mode. Play rather as a testing ground to just test certain players/teams/tactics. Also try to play better with shite team instead. If you beat someone using silvers in your team its more fun for an example. Mainly because you go into the match knowing you got a worse team and winning is out of the question. But its not, especially how the game will help your shitty players become better and their worse. You will be surprised.

    Also i do believe there are many people who have relegated themselves to do objectives. Hence why i dont like they add rivals only in objectives rather than all modes.

    Because i only play rivals to do objectives. When i dont need the win i usually just give the win to the other player, unless they are replaying everything and doing the toxic celebrations.

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