HEY GUYS PLZ PLAY WITH ME JUST ONE FRIENDLY GAME AND LET ME SCORE 15 low driven shots it s the only task i have to do to complete Roussillom PLZZZ


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    amk47amk47 Posts: 1
    Yo bro add me up
    Id :- Pakistan47
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    i play on pc btw
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    i can give you advice on how to do it on pc. Go into online friendlies. Let the other player score then he will let you score. You do 15 each and done.

    If however the player is not letting you score then you just alt-tab out and search for another. I have always been able to find someone after at least 1-2 matches who knows whats up and both score 1 goal each from kick off. Spamming offside trap and moving the players wide.

    Play with bad keeper and wide defence so the defence is open and play with 2 great finishers up front.

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