Baby Moore or Baby Hierro

Just take a look at their stats and info (height) and then comment or vote on the poll. Thanks
  1. Which icon swap CB?2 votes
    1. Moore (87)
    2. Hierro (86)


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822


    Moore is one of the best intercepting players in the game. BUT his prime is the one you want. When it comes to the lower versions Hierro is the best of the baby versions CB's. In middle versions Koeman is king. In prime they are all great but for interceptions Moore is one of a kind.

    Hierro is the man you want though. With engine chemstyle he is fantastic. The price now dropping because of the swaps. So he is insane value now.

    Moore you can however also use as CDM. But if you just want a solid do it all CB who makes little to no mistakes then Hierro is the best base icon defender.

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