FUTBIN Updater glitch


I dont believe this was your intended behavior but Ill explain what Ive experienced and leave it for you to decide. If Im updating a player buy now price and the 1st amount I get zero results, I go back to the players search screen. I clear the buy now amount completely and search ( I do this so I can determine the range that it needs to be adjusted to). This obviously gives me all the results for that player.. Now I go back to the search screen and put the original "buy now" amount in a 2nd time - since now I know approx how much to tick (+) for the buy now amount. However, when i hit search it still shows me zero results, But!, it apparently satisfies all the progress parameters because it turns green and is ready for me to move to the next player update. I only noticed it today and it worked just like that around 3/3 times so far. I hope that makes sense but would be happy to provide further info if necessary. Thanks!


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    futbinfutbin Posts: 49

    It's intended. After a few searches without results it will skip to the next player.

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