Need a squad? I’ll make it for you!

Just tell me the details of your squad e.g. players you would like, budget and formation! Go Ahead!!!


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    Budget: 710k
    Formation: 4321
    Unreadables: baby gullit, flashback mascherano and, aubameyang
    I’ll leave the rest to you
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    Acuna 86
    Bolasie 84
    Gbamin 84
    Thiago mendes 84
    Kent 82
    and 200k budget
    i play on ps4
    and i can play with a hybrid squad
    thanks for help'_'
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    jonathanttvjonathanttv Posts: 2
    edited January 2020
    xbox 1
    roussillon, otw promes, inform gnabry, perisic
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    Could you please build me a squad.
    I have untradeable 85 Guardiola, 87 Socrates, 87 Coman, and 84 Rousillon.
    I have a budget of 700K.
    I’m on PS4 :-)
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    Formation: 4231, or 352
    Budget: 450k
    Console: Xbox One
    Untradeables: 92 IF KDB (Must Have), 85 Trossard, Futmas Roussillon, Futmas Gbamin, and 86 Piszcek.
    Thanks for the help!!! :smile:

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    Platform: Ps4
    Butget: 300k
    Formation: 4 defenders
    Must be in: Vardy POTM, Guardiola 85
    Untreadebles: Werner IF, Roussilon Futmas, Thiago Mendes Futmas

    The rest is yours
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    -Platform: PS4
    -Budget: 530k and untradables
    -Min Chemistry: team chem 100, but can have not more than 2 players on 7/8 chem
    -Untradeables: Everyone in the starting squad apart form sissoko is untrad, and ones that I dont mind using are in the subs and reserves bench in the squad below
    -Players that must be included: futmas sanchez, guardiola, mane, villa, mbabu (can be on 7 chem)
    -Description(Formation, Hybrid etc.): Formation doesn't matter; I switch to 4231 or 4222 in game. Prefer 5 star WF or 5 star skills on my center CAM in 4231 or ST in 4222
    This is the squad I have right now; I sold my LB (forgot who I used) and son since I don't have access to the game for a few weeks. You can make any changes to the current squad or create a whole new squad.


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    rocketrocket Posts: 8

    Budget: 400k
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: 4-4-2 / 4-5-1
    Players that must be in: Rui Costa
    Untradeable players: Cristano Ronaldo, Rui Costa (88), Reus, Vardy (Potm), Promes (Otw), Cuadrado (CL TOTT), Tagliafico (CL TOTT), Gonçalo Guedes (Futmas), Diego Carlos (RTTF), Renato Sanches (Futmas).

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