Which packs should i buy with 7000 fifa points?

I want to spend my 7000 fifa points during the toty's event. I think i will spend them when EA'll release the full squad.
I don't know which packs i should buy
Help me please


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    SBCsFTWSBCsFTW Posts: 1
    Try and get packs where you get more coins per FIFA point (price of coins for the pack divided by price of FIFA points for the pack). This will mean you get more coins worth of packs for the same number of FIFA points. Most packs are 50 coins/point (e.g. 5k packs, 7.5k, 50k, 100k, 125k, the electrum and mega packs, basically everything) but exceptions are 25k (Premium Gold Players Pack, not Rare Gold Pack) and 45k packs. These are also both all players so more FIFA points towards packing players.
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    HaiLeRecoHaiLeReco Posts: 33
    Also only take the packs that give RARE GOLD PLAYERS. Mega packs and rare mega packs aren’t worth it as they include consumables. Try to get packs that only have rare players. 100k and 125k packs have the best value I think.
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