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LDixon16LDixon16 Posts: 54
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I have about 1.4m ready to spend and I’m just unsure of where to go with it. I’m thinking an ICON CB is a must but not sure who and just generally unsure of what to improve. Are the IF full backs worth the upgrade?


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    HaiLeRecoHaiLeReco Posts: 33
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    If you are looking at icon cbs, there are a lot to choose from but I suggest a version of Ferdinand. Also, you should replace Robertson with lb zambrotta who is much better. I suggest you wait until Toty to replace walker, as Trent Toty might come out. There are also midfield options to replace Milner such as scream dele alli or kante
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    Thanks mate. Great help. If I was wanting an attacking/flair icon. Who would you recommend replacing?
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