HELP!!! i NEed a NeW SqUaD nOw


91 Casillas and 375k....
go mad
all I ask is that there are 4 defenders and some midfielders that can shoot and defend.
Thanks in advance


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    Hey man, try out this

    Play 4-2-3-1 in game, with Firmino at Central CAM. Fabinho and Fred both are decent when it comes to defending, and Fred's got some solid shots as well. Obviously, Son's finesses are pretty good too, and that Pedro card is underrated imo.

    Reach out to me on twitter, , if you wanna discuss this further. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


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    NECBVCNECBVC Posts: 62

    451 but 41212 small ingame..
    Telles IF Militao Transfer Pepe Ricardo Pereira
    Son Fabinho Salah Son and Salah ingame strikers
    Dembele Fernandinho ingame CM's
    Eriksen ingame CAM
    Lemme know what u think about it

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    Max14FIFAMax14FIFA Posts: 88
    @Shadowchampion001 can you please help me too
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