Whose the best keeper

Whose the best goalkeeper to use. I want to build a team around a good keeper . Most important for me is long shots and 1 v 1. Which keepers would you guys recommend ?


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    When it comes to who is the best goalkeeper, the opinion can be quite subjective. From my experience, gold Ter Stegen is by far the best gold goalkeeper i’ve used. Gold Neuer was also very good for me, it’s just that when it came to 1v1 situations, i could clearly see that Ter Stegen was much much better. When it came to long/mid range shots, Neuer saved everything you wanted him to save and in general, he was a very decent keeper, but as i’ve said, Ter Stegen is so much better. He is the only one who saves shots you would never expect him to save and in some moments i was like shit man how did you save that. Both keepers can be linked with some great defenders, Neuer with 84 Hernandez, Ter Stegen with 85 Lenglet etc. However, i suggest trying Ter Stegen, you won’t regret it.
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