100k Reward - Build me a squad.

I’m looking squad ideas. I’ve asked in here quite a lot but I never seem to get any answers. So here goes my last try! I’m willing to reward anybody who comes up with the winning squad!

Platform: PS4
Budget: 4.5M
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: I play 4-3-3(4) but any version of 4-3-3 is fine.
Players that must be in: I would ideally like both Messi and Ronaldo in the team- any card of each.
Untradeable players: Flashback Mascherano and Scream Milner - I don’t play either of them atm.
Description: Just a well balanced squad fitting Messi and Ronaldo in. I would be open to any suggestions really. Messi could be taken out if I’m happy with his replacement.

I will post a link to my current squad so you can see where I’m at.

Willing to pay 100k for the right squad!


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