In-game Tactics

Could anybody help me...
Is there anyway I can save tactics so that when I change in game, my custom tactics and player roles for that formation are already there? Instead of individually changing everything which you don’t really have time to do!


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    In your squad page when you choose tactics if you press "L2/LT" it brings up a menu where you can choose defensive and attacking formations.
    So go into attacking for an example. On the 2nd page you can choose a different formation. Select that, press "Y/triangle" to move your players around for that specific formation. then make your personal tactics.

    When you go in game use the d-pad and press right to select "attacking" then it will change into your preset attacking tactic.

    It is pretty straight forward in the menus. You can always use the "help" button in game for more info.

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    LDixon16LDixon16 Posts: 54
    Thanks a lot pal
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