Need a little bit help in coins!

Markhamm1312Markhamm1312 Posts: 1
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I would like to complete the Fabian Schär SBC,

But i still need a 40/50K. And don’t have any worthy players in my club, normally i would just play and earn money or trade. But i am leaving for a 1 week holiday tonight.

So i am afraid i won’t make it otherwise.

If somebody could help me by just buying (bronze) players for 2/3,... K, i would really appreciate it a lot!

Please send me a message!


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    LnamlaLnamla Posts: 2
    I invested 10K coins after opening of squad battle rewards and now I have 42k , so invest by bidding at the time of reward openning and sell them.
    Target defenders , Ligue1 , and Any card could help in Challenges.
    Btw i hust started doing that yesterday so good luck
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