I need heading on semi pro squad battles can u tell me how I’m struggling


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    tbh best way would be just take long shots so the keeper will always save out for corner. Then just abuse corner until someone heads it in.

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    BattleBadger92BattleBadger92 Posts: 78
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    My way is to play 442, so you've wingers and two strikers, and set the wide players to stay forward and get in behind.

    Let the other team come forward with the ball so they actually move up the pitch, leaving space to counter, until they reach your third/edge of the area. Win it back and bang a channel through ball straight through to one of the wingers and they'll be free and clear, usually with 2 unmarked strikers to aim at in the box.

    Do an LB/L1 cross (lofted cross) to tee up an easy headed chance 👍
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    GofreinGofrein Posts: 1
    I was shocked after my friend just told me that all headers from corners should be accomplished by pressing rb1 plus lb1 simultaneously. Jeez - there are no info about it. Your player will try to come over and beat opponent. Now I make 4-5 headers from 10
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