What’s your pack luck?

Just when i thought my rewards couldn’t get any worse, this week’s rewards were even more shit than usual. Got a 82 and a 81 rated player from red picks (finished gold 3) and from like 13 packs the best ones i got were Henderson ane Sarabia. Since i started playing, the best players i packed were inform Giovinco, gold Ederson, gold Insigne and TOTY nominee Bonucci. So everyone below 30k. My best red pick was 84 Maddison.

Is anybody else experiencing the same shit luck i have? If i wasn’t trading and completing these icon objectives i swear my team would be worth 500k tops. It’s disgusting how this game wants you to spend money on fifa points to acquire some of the top tier players.


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    @NoLuckNoCoins said:
    I’ve opened a fair amount of packs.
    Especially during the TOTY when i completed around 200 of those PL upgrades in hopes to pack a TOTY player. Which reminds me i packed 88 David Silva there. Plus i usually complete the SBCs during the promos. I don’t know, maybe next week i’ll pack something crazy but i’ve been saying that a lot and every time nothing ??‍♂️

    I really dont like that with TOTY. I understand that they cant drop too many of those but 10% more TOTY on the market would be so much better. At least then we could afford to buy one or pack one with the increased pack weight. You just stare at those cards thinking how nice it would be to try them out. That loan Ronaldo was so good! Even if i sell everything at the club i cant afford him, i cant even afford baby or middle Eusebio if i sold everything.
    If there were a few more drops of those top cards it would just make it better for someone like you and me to be able to afford 1 of them.
    But during promos the pack weight is lowered. I never pack anything BIG during promos. Always outside of promos.

    More people packed decent icons than TOTY during TOTY promo xD I was able to get Ian Rush, Moore and Scholes for a bit cheaper than usual. All prime versions.

    Sometimes those small 2 player packs can give you a decent drop. Last night i got that headliner Moreno from the daily objective 1 rare player pack(untradeable). Whilst getting 83 max from a jumbo rare xD
    Doesnt make sense these things haha

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    Depends a bit on how many packs you have opened as well since you started playing fifa 20. The more packs you open the more luck in general. Not saying its worth it but its unfortunatley how it is.

    In general i have had decent luck. For me its always a dry spell of shit packs with occasional Rakitic or someone like that. But then after lets say 2-3 months of opening packs every week(rewards/sbc's) i get someone big. For me big is 100k+ sale value.

    However luckily the big drops for me this year have been Neymar blue who went for 1.3 when i packed him 1-2months ago. And last week doing the laliga sbc i packed Van dijk gold. I also have gotten 1 icon this year and that was Nakata base which went for 160k i think. Also got that UCL grup stage Ter Stegen. Those are the big ones. Other than that its specials/normal walkouts that are generally under 50k value.

    I also have to say that both Neymar and Ter stegen were packed casually just opening packs at my night work. Neymar i packed from one of those electrum packs for 15k. Not with fifa points but with my coins. I was gearing up for league sbc's so was opening a few bronze and silver packs and thought fuck it lets try a gold as well.
    Ter stegen i got from a 7.5k pack just being bored and using up my coins xD

    In general i dont care much for coins as i dont care much for real life money. I have pretty good teams so at times i dont mind losing coins so i might open a couple of packs using coins(not the big ones).

    So my pack luck has been pretty decent. However i must also admit i have been opening rewards every week and mostly its been gold 1, occasional elite and gold 2 or 3 when i dont have time to finish WL. Rewards with div 4 or 5 rank 2 or 3 at times rank 1 during objectives week. And gold from squad battles whenever there are objectives to do there for icon swaps etc.
    I also have done lots of league sbc's thanks to Neymar and in general always been doing marquee matchups with all the untradeables to make coins.
    So i have opened more than the average/casual player will do and good packs at that. the 2 rare jumbo packs with gold 1 i would say are the best value. 1 is always shit but 1 will always give you sellable players so you make at least 100k+ in total every week of gold 1 finish.

    Now this year we have more untradeable free packs which is good. And through that i have quite early on gotten Ramos untradeable and Griezmann. Which prompted me to get Pique scream and some other la liga SBC's since as i never play la liga i thought with those top cards early on in fifa i started la liga team as well. Hybrid of course and not really my main team however Ramos and Carvajal used to play a lot because you could put that perfect link into any hybrid. Dont play with them as much so will use Ramos and Griezmann in SBC at some point.

    So thats my view on packs that for a 1-3 months i get nothing too big but then 1 big drop. This is with consistent pack opening as mentioned. This has been the case with previous fifa's as well but i felt fifa 17 had better pack luck as i played less and got more value from less packs. Probably was better before but i dont remember much.

    I can also say that packing a massive player like Neymar gives you 1mil+ and makes things so much easier as you can play around much more now. I dont trade or nothing but occasionally just trying out an icon i buy for 400k and later on they go for 500k. That sort of thing has happened a few times. I have lost as well like that but with that amount of coins you dont care and its easy to make profit when you got coins already.
    Kinda like real life the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

    I think that the luck i have had is the minimum luck everyone should have. Unfortunatley for more casual players it can be horrible. For me the hours i have put in without buying fifa points have been of a decent value.

    RED PICKS ARE STILL SHITE THOUGH! I got Canales 87 this time though so someone over 83 at least. Good for an SBC.

    edit: I should add that i have done many player SBC's for very little coin loss. mainly because of all the untradeable packs you get from season objectives. Those give you a decent amount of SBC useable players. This has also meant that i have done many league sbc's for "free" as i kept all those league players instead of selling early on and with the untradeables. And most of the marquee matchups and such sbc's i have been doing for free with all those useless untradeables. Sort of just switching out the untradeables for tradeables but still free coinage and at some point you get decent value drop.

    So i can make about 2 reall good teams with just untradeables and its a good way for people to get coins/players. Grinding a bit to get the season objectives done to get untradeables. Use them in marquee and you basically switch out all the useless untradeables for tradeable players so you get a bit of coinage and also save doing player SBC's. Then you can save up more to buy the player you want off the market.

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    I’ve opened a fair amount of packs.
    Especially during the TOTY when i completed around 200 of those PL upgrades in hopes to pack a TOTY player. Which reminds me i packed 88 David Silva there. Plus i usually complete the SBCs during the promos. I don’t know, maybe next week i’ll pack something crazy but i’ve been saying that a lot and every time nothing ??‍♂️
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