Best left back in Fifa 20 need help!!!!

Please help me i have 2 icons there so i can play every leftback in the game.


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    MuhammadG3MuhammadG3 Posts: 18
    edited February 9
    Probably Robertson toty
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    TOTY Robertson definitely
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Tierney and Telles are the best out of the cheaper options.
    Telles slightly better overall player but Tierney a bit more quicker and aggressive in his playstyle and with marksmen can be used as a LWB really good as well.
    Telles tradeable and potential upgrade.
    But Tierney i highly recommend as well.

    If coins are vast then Roberto Carlos middle or prime or as suggested TOTY Robertson are all top end and will do great. I dont even need to explain as they are complete monsters. Havent tested R.Carlos but from previous experience he is top end.
    TOTY Robertson as all TOTY players feels broken and just the same way top icons feel broken. So he is a great choice as well.

    So for cheaper options either Telles or Tierney SBC. For fu money, R.carlos prime/middle or TOTY ROBertston.

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    and baby zambrotta lb with 6 chem ?

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