Help me.

My squad
Handanovic RTTF
Alex Sandro nif, tomiyasu obj., smalling headliner, Zanetti Prime
Naingollan headliner, del Piero mid, Tonali SBC
Sanchez flashback, martinez totgs, Politano obj.

I have 350k and i think about to sell Naingollan for 450k and buy mertens headliner for 750k. For position where now is naingollan i will have milinkovic savic obj.

What do you think?


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
    edited February 10

    You would be better off keeping it as it is and use those coins to get Moore prime or baby Hierro to upgrade Smalling.
    Cant say how many times i have had easy time vs this guy. Cant believe people are playing with him unless they are a fan then i understand of course.
    But if you are not a fan then i highly suggest you change him to Moore prime or Hierro or if you could Koemann middle.

    of course you can manage with any CB more or less. But the improvement of the mentioned icon CB's are so great that it will 100% benefit any team. Hence the recommendation.

    Mertens is not worth that much. You would be better off then saving a bit more and getting someone like del piero.
    However if you need speedy ST to replace Martinez. Get Hernandez middle then and keep the team as is. Still recommend changing Smalling eventually.

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    Thanks for The answer. I have del Piero mid at cam. Maybe it will be better option to change my cb
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    DrItalooDrItaloo Posts: 15
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    Hi there!

    Since I’m using both nainggolan HL and mertens HL I can tell you they’re both brilliant!

    Despite cagliari obviously not winning 4 times in a row, this card is still worth ever coins (btw it dropped due to cagliari loosing against Genua).

    Mertens dropped aswell - at least a bit since Napoli lost aswell.

    Still I’m with @ihatetay; def upgrade your CB. Currently I’m still playing with tomiy and juan jesus - both amazing cards and players (especially juan Jesus for 90k) if roma doesn’t play like Juve against Hellas Verona, he’s likely to get an upgrade: as roma vs malmö)

    I can highly recommend juan Jesu for you. After that you should still have about 250-260k left.

    Depending on the position you might want to improve, there’s Dominguez FS or Allan RTTF you should take a look at. Booth very decent cards!


    If you’re looking to make some sweet coins you should consider going for RTTF Dybala. Juve will most likely win both games against OL. If I’m not completely wrong he should be 92 after the two matches and around 1mil price wise :)
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