Can FS Ikone Play Striker

I have a team but it either involves griezman or ikone playing striker
I would much rather have Ikone play there because of his speed but I’m not sure if he fits that position.


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    With deadeye chem style, all the important shooting stats go up to 99. So in my opinion, yes you can use him as a striker. Especially if you pair him up with a more physical striker.
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    I had a weird problem with Ikone. Thought he was gonna be perfect for my hybrid squads using Shoji and Lala etc.

    However i found him to be non responsive at times. I mean as if he had 1 reactions and suddenly he was back to normal an great dribbling and shooting was good if you give him marksman or deadeye or sniper.

    But i seriously have no idea why he was being weird for me. I am also wondering if anyone else had this.
    I played about 7 games before i sold him again.

    Something felt really off as i said for one moment he becomes non responsive. Not that scripting hits or anything. He actually just doesnt respond. Then next moment he is feeling great. Then you pass him the ball and he doesnt respond.

    Seriously i have no idea what the fuck was going on. 7 games straight this was happening. Only to him and i have never had this happen before. Even Lampard middle was responding quicker.

    Has anyone had this happen to someone?
    Was it just a weird glitch with that card? Maybe i should rebuy him and test again.

    I am not saying he wasnt agile enough or such. He was great on the ball and passing and shooting was good. But he had moments where he wouldnt respond at all and froze up.
    Weirdest thing i have ever seen.

    Been looking around and i havent heard anyone else have this problem. So yes i can say he works as ST or CAM if you dont get the same glitch i did.

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