Do you think that Ibra with 8 of chem is better than 87 firmino as a cam? But if i will put ibra then i must play with Mendy and not with Alex Sandro (8 chem) anymore. Do you think is worth it ? Ibra stats are amazing for a CAM/ST.


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    rel10rel10 Posts: 11

    Ibra is amazing.

    You can always get 10 chem in one formation and then switch formation in game.

    Ibra is amazing.

    That is my poem on Ibra.

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    RobinVanDutchRobinVanDutch Posts: 4
    edited January 2019

    Ibra would even be better on 1 chem. Bro, compare Ibra's card to toty Ronaldo, there's not much difference.

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