Icon swap 2 which one ?


Hello I have 23 tokens (24th is the 12v in fut champ) and i don't know what to pick ?
This is my team https://www.futbin.com/20/squad/13339082

in MDC i have already sissoko futmass and aouar. the others player of my team : ben yedder potm, messi potm, bernardo silva moment, pique scream (i don't play with him, too slow and clunky), hernandez, kamara, zanetti rb (from icon swap 1), roussilon futmas and hernandez (LB and untradable) schmeichel in gk (from icon swap 1).
i think buy mbappe, neymar, varane and kante... so which icon should i pick between those 4 choice :

1/ Get Blanc + raul or hierro or seedorf (don't like the work rate of koeman)
2/ Essien prime (but he has to stay back cause his shooting is not great and i like complete player in midfield)
3/ Del piero and Have fun with his 5WF ? and put him in MOC
4/ Pick zambrotta + Hierro + Van der Sarr
(and put Zambrotta in lb and replace schmeichel who is inconsistent

What do you think? i play in 4312 or 4231
Thanks a lot for your help !


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