Players in game position...

Does players positions... in game. (FUT ) ,Some way affect his peforms negatively? . 4 example,lala pisition that he can play is RWB while Atal can play RB I play them both at RB and found atal peforms better then lala although lala has better stats....


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822


    The only thing you get with a RWB on RB position is -1 chem. So he might not be on full boost from the chemistry style you have on him. However if you got french manager or same league in manager he will have full chem.

    So just make sure they are on full chem so you get the most out of the chemstyle you got on them.

    If you are using Lala to go forward and such and if you are talking about his moments card then put Engine chemstyle on him. Makes him better on the ball and nicer when running forward with him.

    When in game you can change positions however you want.

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