Icon swaps 2 - 10 tokens?


Hey guys,

Current team:

Oblak, Varane, Neymar and Mbappé are the only tradeable players in the roster.

Already used 14 tokens to get Blanc, so I (will) have 10 tokens left and not sure how to use them best. Thought about Seedorf for Aouar, but except for weak foot, not much to gain there (quite the opposite). Now thinking about Koeman for Varane (Hierro doesn't seem like an improvement) but not sure either.

What do you guys suggest? Other suggestions are very welcome :)


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    I m in the same situation like you. I will go with koeman who will give you two options for one icon (cb and cdm) but only works for cdm and you have already blanc and Aouar.
    The other choice is to get Raul and give you a possibility in 4231 to put him in Lam and Neymar in Cam and bappe sT. Then you can add messi or yedder in Ram
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