Best CB in Serie A

Guba17Guba17 Posts: 2
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Who is The best on CB from Serie A? Run with manolas and koulibaly atm.

Who do you have experience with?


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    SquidArrowSquidArrow Posts: 47
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    Benatia may not be the most glamorous player to get but he’s been my favourite. Could you please help me too
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    Guba17Guba17 Posts: 2
    Koulibaly is great! Manolas got great pace and heading, but his passing and placement is a bit off sometimes. What about SBC skriniar? Anybody played with him?
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    Skriniar sbc is very good. He has good pace and decent stamina. Passing is not bad but not amazing either. Overall he is not worth 200-300 k. If you got many players in the club do it, if not don’t!
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    phicasphicas Posts: 4

    No doubt you have the best available. Manolas for the pace and insane slides and Koulibaly will do the nitty gritty very well. Not my priority to change them for their upgraded players (IFs and CL) or icons until I'd have the rest way ahead.

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