How to upgrade squad??


I have usual squad for 300k. But after WL and Rivals I have some to upgrade my team, but I don't know how. That's why I'm asking you. Pls can you give me some advice (player costs not more than 100k).
1 Screen of my squad
2 Screen of my tactic


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    Try snipe an 88 totw Coutinho with a hunter instead of Coman
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    arran5arran5 Posts: 18
    I’d say get 86 doucre for tolliso
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    KrynjaKrynja Posts: 4
    edited February 13
    > @arran5 said:
    > I’d say get 86 doucre for tolliso

    I thought about it but his stats not so good and how he feels in game.
    Maybe I will wait because his price will fall to 60k I think))
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