What do I need to do with my team?

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I have 1,2 million on my account and have this team. What should I do to improve it?
Ter Stegen, Diego Carlos sbc, lenglet, semedo, dalbert serie a sbc, Correa winter refresh, Vidal sbc, benzema sbc, ödegard 87, Suarez potm, Cordoba la Liga sbc, bench: Socrates, chiesa winter refresh, Kalu time-line, guedes sbc, konaté sbc, Santi cazorla time-line, tomyashu time-line, corona sbc


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    Is this something?


    I'm aware that I exceeded the budget by around 50k-100k :wink:

    In-game (I think 4-2-3-1 is the best, if you have other thoughts, I would like to hear them)

    • 4 defenders and goalie speak for themselves
    • Defending midfielders: Casemiro and Vidal
    • Right midfielder (rm or rcam): Odegaard
    • Left midfielder (lm or lcam): Socrates
    • Central attacking midfielder: Benzema
    • Striker: Suarez

    Please let me know what you think :smile:

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