I’ve played 30+ games of fifa and have won one game.

I’ve been playing ultimate team since fifa 13. I wouldn’t say i’m a good player, but i wouldn’t necessarily say i’m bad either. In past fifa titles, i could confidently say that i was a Gold ranked weekend league player consistently hitting the gold 3-1 ranks depending on the weekend. For divisions i was usually above 5, it would always drift from one to the other but safe to say i felt like a little above avg player. With fifa 20 though it is so much different. The past few days i have played over thirty games or so and have won ONE singular game. Every game feels like it’s not deserved. All of my shots are from within the other players goal box yet they are always saved or blocked by the defenders foot. It’s crazy to say but i genuinely feel like the most unlucky player to play this game. My defenders are constantly executing automatic lunges that i don’t want at all which cause me to concede, they never can block shots from the opposing player letting them score from what seems like ridiculous angles that no one would even try to shoot from. Players with 70 pace are able to run straight through my defense because they just plow through and immediately take the ball after tackled. 75% of the time all goals conceded are from outside my goal box. By the time i’m able to score even one goal it’s the 75th minute, i have double even sometimes triple the amount of shots on goal as my opponent (all from within their goal box) and then straight off a kick off all they do is run through my defenders without me even being able to move because of an autolunge or incorrect auto player change that allows them to score right away and the game is lost. I’m at a point where i genuinely can’t enjoy this game anymore even though i still want to play because ultimate team has always been a fun concept to me ever since i was little. I forfeit after 2 goals conceded cause i know it’s just not worth the effort. in the weekend league i was only able to get 10 wins out of all 30 games. i didn’t play against a single team that was near the budget of mine (roughly 1.5 million with only 300k of tradeables), every team was at least 3-5x more expensive than mine. I just want to understand what i’m doing wrong. This game doesn’t feel rewarding at all, in gameplay and in actual rewards. You can try your hardest yet get easily punished with the most minuscule tactic that a 5 year old can carry out and concede a goal.


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    Just a tip for future. Please try to make paragraphs so its easier to read. Bunching up a text together like that is a hell to read for many.

    One tip i can give you is stop rage quitting that much. Often you can turn games around. Also if playing vs a good player who isnt toxic why not challenge him and see where you can improve and what they are doing better etc.

    Yes the game is rubbish and such. You also do worse building a cheap meta team instead of going other league specials and building fun squads as they are much better for much cheaper.
    So people having money squads is irrelevant as you can build for like 200k a super team just using the new Libertadores promo for an example.

    Otherwise you have to also work a bit on your own game and become better. Adjusting is one of the things players need to do. Many dont adjust to any changes etc etc. Players dont even go into training to actually do a bit of training to help their play.

    As much as the game is up and down rubbish full of scripting. There is still a big chunk that is upto you. So you cant blame the game for losing 30+ games nor can you blame matchmaking even though it is quite shite.

    Surely if you are not being able to play better than your opponents you have to become better yourself?

    Its another thing losing a few games in a row that are 100% down to the game being an arsehole. But so many games in a row is more you than the game.

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