Gk wiped me out... no pen!!!

Through on goal... gk rushes out... knock the ball around him... BOOM... goes right through me... NO PENALTY!!!

Wtf is that all about? Has anyone ever won a penalty from the gk fouling you?

Also why can’t we have advantage played whilst in the box?

Scenario was... wl match, score 2-2, 85 minute... after a few nice little passes, ball played into the corner of the box, passed (then defender wiped me out) to unmarked attacker around pen spot, first time shot into the net... only for ref to pull it back for a penalty

Surprise surprise... pen saved... go on to lose game in et!!!


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    ehm where you been? This has been going on since the start of fifa 20. It was actually way worse before.

    These things are normal in the game. The game engine is broken, outdated and piled on with bullshittery.
    So unfortunatley these type of things happen so often and to everyone so its just a normal thing for us.

    I know its frustrating but try to just laugh at these things. Thats what i do i find it funny instead and sometimes it helps me win when something broken happens. Which happens every weekend obviously.

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    woodsywoowoodsywoo Posts: 15
    I have had it happen a few times but this latest one really got on my nerves so had to have a rant about it, haha

    I hadn’t had much sleep that day so was a bit cranky!!
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