Which Del Pierro is best?

I’m looking for a striker and I want Del Pierro to be my main man. Which is best? 87 Baby, 90 Mid, 92 Prime?
  1. Del Pierro 87, 90, 92?4 votes
    1. 87
    2. 90
    3. 92


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Get either the middle or prime. Whichever you can get cheaper.

    Composure is important this year even with good icons. 90+ is lethal. So prime and middle have that.

    The middle might have better balance and agility but i always felt the middle didnt have the same super shots like the prime has. I think having overall better shooting stats + composure makes the prime shoot more top tier like Rush and R9.
    The middle however feels a bit swifter and more stable. But the difference isnt much when you put engine on the prime. In that case i would say prime is the better option.

    Overall the difference isnt huge. Even the ones i mention i am being picky mostly. But there is sometimes a weird thing that with some icons the middle is better or that only the prime is amazing.
    I always found Scholes middle to be his best version for an example. (apart from moments obv, not including moments).

    With Del Piero i tried his mid and prime. I played more with the prime because i felt his shooting was more lit and that for me was more important than slight dribbling advantage of the middle. Also i am not a pace whure so that slight extra swiftness of the middle i can live without for slightly better and effecient shooting.

    Generally however people like the feel of middle when it comes to the dribbling. Difference isnt much especially with engine chem on prime. But they both are great. I would say that if 1 of them is much cheaper than the other go for that one. Otherwise get the prime if you just care about getting goals sort of.

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