Help me to improve my team (and pick the icon swap 3)


Hello this my team :

Description: i'm thinking to pick petit moment in swap 3 or maldini and the pack or laudrup + pack + litmanen (24)
I need to improve my defense. the GK i don't care. either i buy neymar and mbappe (in which version?) either i buy Desailly moment MDC and Kante Shapeshifters and i switch them. Tell me ! thanks a lot for your suggestions and your time !

Platform: PS4
Budget: 3,500,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: I play in **4312 **with 3MC/MDC and 2ST or in 4231
Players that must be in: Neymar IF 93 MOC ? Mbappe if 90 ? or Mbappe 93 and neymar regular. I like Atal Shapeshifters

Untradeable players : Messi potm 96, Yedder Potm (ma favorite player so far), Aouar (My second one), Tevez (KO Commeball), Sissoko Futmas (3third fav player) Baby Blanc, Theo Hernandez 84 (i try to change it but i like him a lot) Upamecano moment (good pace and aggression) Hierro (he does the job) Zanetti Prime (el capitano). SUB : Kent, odegaard, James, politano, valbuena moment, thauvin moment, pique scream, gabrielsen, Bernardo Silva moment, osimhen 88, Dembele FS, Acuna moment, Ricardo Pereira Shapeshifters, Baby Guardiola (with the sbc icon pack baby), Schmeichel baby

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