Help Please! Ramsey or Thorsby?

I’m currently trying to play a 4-4-2 formation in game and have been using Thorsby as my more attacking CM with Allan (who’s untradeable and needed for chemistry) as the defensive CM. With Rewards and some untradeables, including Thorsby, I can unlock Ramsey for the attacking CM role but is it worth it?
  1. Ramsey or Thorsby for Attacking CM6 votes
    1. Ramsey
    2. Thorsby


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    donshaggydonshaggy Posts: 33
    Thorsby bro card is a monster in game at CDM
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Thorsby is better than Allan as CDM. Ramsey is better going forward. You can put something like Sniper on Ramsey for great finishing and good dribbling. You can do many combinations of course, depending on what type of player you want.

    So i would say replace Allan with Ramsey is a better option. You could chuck Allan into the sbc.

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    YessinrYessinr Posts: 1
    Ramsey had 5* weak foot and an incredible finishing with a wonderful Placement but thorsby is more defensive with 3* weak foot
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